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Your Price: $129.99
Part Number: fx-CG50
Availability: For Teacher's Only
Feature: Not approved for student use on Alberta Diplomas

Amazing tool for teachers & educators!

This model is not approved for use on Alberta Diplomas. It is, however, a fantastic model for teachers to use in their classroom and for personal use. The CG50 is an upgrade to the CG10 and replaces this former model. The upgrade includes a faster processor as well as 3D graphing capability!

The set up and operating systems is the same as the 9750 and the 9860 models, but this unit graphs using a 3.7" high resolution LCD color display.

On top of Casio's user friendly operating system and G-Solve technology, this unit includes picture plot technology - download any picture, find a few points, and find an equation to match what you see in the picture.

Plug in to Casio's educational software and you have a powerful and engaging tool in your math classroom that will make math come to life!

Here's the specs...

User-friendly Icon menu, Function keys and Interactive format enable intuitive operation

High-resolution colour display with over 65,000 colours with 8 lines by 21 characters, size 3.25” diagonal

G-Solve feature to easily solve problems involving intersections, roots, and integration with auto axis values and easy zoom navigation.

High-definition 3D Graph provides visual support for mathematical exploration.

Picture Plot enables users to plot, graph over pictures displayed to enhance their understanding of math functions.

Pre-installed geometry add-in

Pre-installed financial functions

Multi language menus

Pre-installed Dynamic geometry software that animates functions

Includes: Calculator, quickstart guide, USB cable

1 Year Limited Warranty

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