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CASIO fx-9750GII (white)

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Part Number: fx-9750GII
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Feature: Approved for Alberta Diplomas

Incredible value!

Approved for all Alberta diploma exams, the 9750 is the perfect blend of cost and performance for Alberta high school students. This unit does everything you need it to do in -1 or -2 class for a fraction of the competitor's cost!

Casio's operating system is very easy to use - students can open up their calculator and figure things out with ease... you might even show your teacher a few things!

The unit has a high contrast display, an easy to use icon menu, and is equipped with Casio's G-Solve technology - a breakthrough in graphing calculations.

The Specs

Large, easy-to-read high-contrast display

Icon-based menu offers intuitive usability

Linear input lets you enter equations as they appear in the textbook

Function (y equals equations to graph) 20

12 types of regression

Chi-squared GOF function

Pie charts and bar graphs

Nine probability functions

Inequality auto shading

Spreadsheet applications

Financial applications

Data transfer from unit to unit and from unit to computer available via USB

Comparable functionality to the TI-84 Plus calculator

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